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While the decision to build a swimming pool is simple, selecting the shape, size, and look is a little more challenging. The options available today are virtually limitless. Your pool should be an extension of your home with a seamless transition from house to pool incorporating your style, taste, and flair. It is to the advantage of client to go over the cost of a pool or spa project early in the design process.

We'll take the time to explain how size, shape, volume, elevations, and conveniences or accessories affect pool cost. Energy efficiency has become paramount as cost of running and maintaining your pool or spa each day determines the cost of what you are getting.  You know that saying "you can pay me now or pay me later"? Do it right from the start.

Why try to save $2000 off the cost for a wasteful design, if you'll save much more as you run, maintain, and enjoy your pool with a more efficient design? Factors such as size and complexity of access to the site, the possibility of demolition required, additional structural, cosmetic, and convenience upgrades, utility runs from sources of gas, electric, and water to the pool equipment location, and sizes or distances of plumbing to the pool itself can affect costs from the basic starting price.  Let us show you how to not to waste money.

The most crucial aspect concerning your project is comprised of two elements: the quality of materials and the level of craftsmanship. As an experienced Southern California builder, your swimming pool will be built with superior materials and craftsmanship. We've personally chosen our workers so they are capable of hand crafting your pool as an art. You can rest assured that you're getting the best quality work in the swimming pool industry. Thomas Pools builds quality pools at an affordable price.